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Ocular Diseases and Eye Care from Our Optometrist

Ocular diseases have a long history in the field of eye health. Ocular diseases also manifest in people of different ages and backgrounds, many are common in older age. Although they can cause a number of problems in the eye, including blindness, early treatment can help mitigate the effects of many kinds of eye diseases. For an eye exam to help screen for eye diseases, visit us at Ingram Comprehensive Eye Care, PA in Columbia, SC, and also serving Forest Acres, SC. 


Types of Eye Diseases and Eye Problems

We can help with a lot of different types of eye diseases and eye conditions. A few of them include:

  • Pink Eye: A type of conjunctivitis, pink eye is highly contagious and well known for annoying, irritating side effects. The condition involves an inflammation of a normally clear membrane that stretches across the eye itself. The same membrane is inside the eyelids as well. When inflamed and irritated, the condition can make it difficult to see clearly without tearing up.
  • Cataracts: Often related to aging, cataracts develop as a fogging up of the eye lens or clouding. As the lens becomes more and more obscured, vision loss occurs. Eventually, a patient reaches functional blindness, even though light differences can still be easily seen. We can help screen for cataracts so that you are well informed about your eye health.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy: When diabetes develops, it affects the body in multiple ways. With the eyes, it can start to cause blood vessels to leak. That liquid in turn causes damage and scarring, which damages the eye and may cause blindness. Our optometrist can help to detect diabetic retinopathy so that you can get proper treatment for it.
  • Glaucoma: Glaucoma is a collection of eye conditions that attack the optic nerve. These conditions can ultimately also lead to blindness. It can be found early with an eye exam before any vision loss has occurred.

Get Eye Care from Our Optometrist in Columbia, SC on Our Optometry Team for Ocular Disease

We at Ingram Comprehensive Eye Care can helps Columbia, SC, patients with a variety of different eye conditions. Both chronic conditions as well as temporary infections can be resolved with the help of our optometrist. If you're in the Forest Acres, SC, area, call us to schedule an appointment. We can help with a professional medical approach. Call us at (803) 782-7080 for more information.


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