Emergency Eye Care

Annual eye exams can help provide corrective vision correction and help identify any potential health concerns. However, sometimes in between routine eye exams, there is a need for emergency eye treatment. Everything from a foreign object in the eye to eye injuries can trigger the need to see an optometrist. Our eye doctor at Ingram Comprehensive Eye Care serving Forest Acres, SC, and Columbia, SC, can provide quick care and other routine services. 

Emergency Eye Care

What Are the Warning Signs of Needing Emergency Eye Treatment? 

The most significant warning sign is suffering from extreme pain in or around the eye. Pain can be a sign of an infection and inflammation within the eye, which, if not treated, can cause future complications with your vision and eye health. Other warning signs of needing to see a doctor may include smelly discharge, loss of vision, or dizziness with blurred vision. 

More warning signs may include burning or stinging sensation, one eye not moving like the other, double vision, light sensitivity, bruising or bleeding around the eye, blood in the white of the eye, and severe itching. 

Common Reasons to Search for Care

Some of the most common reasons to seek fast care include traumatic eye injuries, noticeable vision changes, chemicals splashed in the eyes, excessive redness, swelling, bulging eyes, headaches, and different-sized pupils. Another reason to see an optometrist is if you have a foreign object in the eye. Our eye doctor can help safely treat an eye crisis that may arise so that you can get back to living a healthy life. 

What to Avoid

If not handled properly, severe complications may occur from an injury or other eye problem. Therefore, it is best not to treat your eye problem alone and see our eye doctor for treatment. Other things it may not be good to do when you have an injury in the eye, without the advice a professional, include applying pressure to the eye, attempting to remove the foreign object, or putting medications or ointments on the eye. In addition, if you wear contact lenses, do not attempt to remove them. 

Visit Us for More Information from Our Optometrist

Our doctor can help treat various eye conditions, including eye injuries. If you have experienced an eye crisis, call us at (803) 782-7080 serving Ingram Comprehensive Eye Care serving Forest Acres, SC, and Columbia, SC, to schedule an appointment. Call our office immediately so we can help treat your eye crisis. 

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