Dry Eyes

Dry eye can be a serious problem, despite its not-so-medical technical name. It can interfere with your ability to wear contacts comfortably. In general, it can cause discomfort and just make you miserable. It doesn't help that in some cases, though rare, it can affect your vision. At Ingram Comprehensive Eye Care, serving Forest Acres, SC, Columbia, SC, and the nearby regions, we offer treatment to help you not only see clearly, but comfortably as well. 


General Information

As its name suggests, it causes your eyes to be dry. It tends to arise as you age, though other factors, such as having LASIK eye surgery, can also cause it. You may develop dry eye if your eyes don't produce enough tears. However, it can also happen if your eyes may not make quality tears, or if those tears are evaporating too quickly. 


If you have dry eye, your eyes may appear red. They may hurt or feel irritated. You might have a reoccurring feeling like there's something in your eyes, like sand. Stringy discharge could appear. Because the eyes may try to overcompensate for the dryness, you may notice your eyes are frequently watering, but it still may not help hydrate them properly. Wearing contacts can exasperate your symptoms. 


As briefly noted, age may play a role. You might have a chronic condition that dries out your eyes. Dry eye is sometimes a side effect of a medication or will arise after you have LASIK eye surgery. 

Diagnosing Dry Eye 

Before we provide you with a treatment, we may ask you to undergo a vision and eye health screening. Our optometrist will ask you questions about your symptoms and when you notice them most often. 

This may be enough to diagnose your condition. However, our eye doctor may perform other testing. 

Treating Dry Eye 

After your screening, you can receive a treatment to increase tear production or at least make your eyes more comfortable. In many cases, this consists of eye drops. You may receive a prescription for contacts that'll be more comfortable for you. We may also recommend lifestyle changes to avoid what may be triggering your dry eye.

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At Ingram Comprehensive Eye Care, serving Forest Acres, SC, Columbia, SC, and the neighboring communities, we offer treatment to help with dry eye. Your care plan will be geared toward making it more comfortable for you to see. Book an appointment by calling (803) 782-7080. 

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