Signs of Vision Problems in Kids

Vision Problems in Kids

Little ones don’t always realize that they have trouble seeing – especially if they’ve never seen differently. As a parent, you want to be sure that you give them the best of everything which includes proper vision. To do so, it’s essential to recognize the signs of vision trouble, so our team at Ingram Comprehensive Eye Care shares these signs below.


One of the biggest signs of vision trouble in kids is squinting. They do this in an attempt to compensate for poor eyesight. You might also notice that they cover one eye or turn and tilt their head. It also usually leads to them rubbing their eyes, either because their eyes are tired or because they think it will clear their field of vision.

Attention Difficulties

If your child has trouble paying attention to books and worksheets in front of them – or items on the whiteboard at school – it might be because they can’t really see them. This will cause a child to lose interest quickly. As vision problems are easy to diagnose or rule out, getting an eye exam for your child could prevent a great deal of frustration and concern for you and them. Many cases of “attention disorders” seen in pediatrics are due to easily addressed issues like vision trouble.


Spending their days squinting and trying hard to see can lead to headaches. If you notice them suddenly complaining of headaches, especially after school or doing homework, an eye exam should be a top priority.


Vision problems can negatively impact hand-eye coordination and depth perception – two things that are essential for playing safely and moving in a balanced manner. If you notice your child tripping or dropping things regularly, a trip to an optometrist that specializes in pediatrics can help.

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